Mablethorpe guest house owner saves a life

A Mablethorpe guest house owner’s quick thinking helped to save the life of a man who was found face down on the ground without a pulse.

Paul Gibbins leapt into action and performed CPR on the 55-year-old man who was spotted on the ground near Colours Guests House shortly before 10am on Friday June 12.

Meanwhile, Paul’s wife, Sue, called the emergency services which sent two ambulance crews to the site.

It is believed that the man has suffered a heart attack.

The man was taken to Grimsby Hospital, where he regained consciousness and speech shortly after midday.

Paul said: “I’m really pleased to know that he’s okay.

“However, I’m concerned that the police didn’t show up. Once we stated there was no pulse, I think the call handler should have sent police along.

“They could have ID’d him straight away and saved time.”

Sue said: “I am really proud of Paul. The guy was lucky - a lot of people would panic, but Paul knew what he was doing.”

Steve Pratten, from the East Midlands Ambulance Service, said: “I would like to congratulate Paul and stress the importance of bystanders in cases of cardiac arrest.

“For this reason, EMAS continues to expand its network of public access defibrillators. If anyone would like more information about getting a defibrillator for their community, contact“