Mablethorpe Leg Club’s future is left in the balance

The future of the Mablethorpe Leg Club which provides a vital service to residents in the area has been left hanging in the balance due to cutbacks.

The club which is backed by The Lindsey Leg Club Foundation is run at Mablethorpe’s Community Hall in Stanley Avenue on Tuesday mornings.

It gives residents suffering with lower leg problems a professional model of care in a social environment, but NHS cutbacks and the service not being commissioned by the Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, have left its future at risk.

Catherine Wylie, of the East Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust said: “The leg club provides a valuable service in the community and the trust is continuing to support its work, with up to four community nurses supporting the group in Mablethorpe every week.

“Where appropriate, we have asked a small number of patients with more serious medical conditions to attend a GP surgery for treatment.

“This has not changed our weekly commitment to provide nursing expertise to the leg club.

“The leg club is not currently a service the trust is commissioned to provide and any decisions about long term funding for this care would need to made by the clincial commissioning group for the area.”

Chair of the Mablethorpe Leg Club, David Brailsford, is concerned for the club. He said: “As we live in a socially deprived area, our vital service reaches out to around 40 patients, who all bar one has said they don’t want the leg club to close.

“With the threat of possible closure, I’m really disappointed that no consultation has been made with anyone.

“We have been informed to not admit any new patients to the club and we have lost over half of our members. One week we had 40 patients, and this week, we only had 11.

“We pride our service on its social factor and with more and more patients being referred to their local GP, I feel they won’t receive the service they deserve.”

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