Mablethorpe lifeboat crew’s tribute to dedicated fundraiser Tom

Tom Lucas, pictured with wife Ellen.
Tom Lucas, pictured with wife Ellen.

The crew of Mablethorpe’s lifeboat have paid tribute to dedicated fundraiser Tom Lucas and say they’ll miss his ‘personality and his passion’.

Tom (69) - who managed the resort’s RNLI shop - passed away last month following an illness.

He leaves wife Ellen, three daughters and five grandchildren.

Tom moved to Mablethorpe from Essex with his wife in 2004 and the couple began fundraising and volunteering at the RNLI shop next door to the lifeboat station in 2005.

He spent many years in Essex in the engineering trade and helped with parts that were fitted on boats.

The RNLI said Tom and his wife were always keen to give something back to the community.

They were appointed as managers of the shop in 2007.

Dale Chapman, Mablethorpe RNLI Lifeboat operations manager, said Tom would be missed by everyone who knew him.

He said: “We’ll certainly miss Tom’s twinkling personality and his passion for fundraising that helped to support the RNLI funds for over a decade.

“We all see ourselves as one big family and Tom was a huge part of that so we’ll be offering our support to his family now as needed.

“He always got involved in every fundraising event we had and he was very well respected by all of the crew.”

RNLI Helmswoman Karen Cartwright said Tom was always around to talk to and was happy listening to any problems. She said: “Tom was always such a jolly man.

“We’d always put the world to rights. You could pop in and be able to have a little talk or sometimes a moan with him but you’d always come out smiling.

“That’s the lasting effect he always had on you.”

Along with his wife, Tom received a silver badge to mark their commitment to the RNLI.

The couple were also presented with an award in March as a thank you for their dedication over the years.

Apart from the RNLI, Tom was also a key figure in the UK Camping and Caravan Club for several years and was part of its national council.

He held many positions with the club and also received their prestigious award of honour.