Mablethorpe man accused of stalking woman


A Mablethorpe man has appeared in court to face accusations of stalking a woman, including calling her “more than 40 times in one day” and visiting her home on numerous occasions.

Aaron Dean Peter Tennyson, 34, of George Street, appeared at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on August 18 to face a charge of “pursuing a course of conduct which amounting to the stalking” of the woman, which allegedly took place over a three week period between mid-July and early August this year.

It is claimed that Tennyson telephoned her excessively - including, at one point, 40 calls in one day - and turning up uninvited to her home. Additionally, he allegedly approached the woman in the street on an almost daily basis and verbally assaulted her.

An additional charge - which alleged that Tennyson broke a restraining order three times by going within 500 metres of her the woman and her children - was withdrawn due to a lack of time.

Tennyson was remanded on conditional bail until his next court appearance on August 26 at Skegness Magistrates’ Court.