Mablethorpe man’s cancer battle sparks Myeloma charity fundraising and awareness day

John Banks, Owner of The Clock Fish & Chip Restaurant in Mablethorpe. 'Photo: Trevor Bradford.
John Banks, Owner of The Clock Fish & Chip Restaurant in Mablethorpe. 'Photo: Trevor Bradford.
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A LOCAL man’s cancer battle has sparked his drive to make time matter and organise a Fundraising and Awareness Day, raising funds for Myeloma UK.

John Banks, owner of The Clock Fish and Chip Restaurant located in Seaholme Road, Mablethorpe was diagnosed with blood cancer, Myeloma 12 years ago.

Having battled through being in and out of remission for over a decade, John decided to utilise his assets in an inspirational desire to give something back to a charity which has had such a big impact upon his life.

John explained: “Even though I am on treatment at the moment and feeling pretty rubbish, I have an overwhelming desire to do something to give something back.

“Sometimes we are all so busy working to make a living and there is neither the funds, time or inclination to be charitable.

“So I got thinking about what I could do.

“I currently own a business, so it seemed like a good vehicle to use to carry out my plan to hold a Myeloma Awareness and Fundraising Day at my Fish and Chip Restaurant in Mablethorpe.”

John hopes this special one day event will spark a greater awareness of a cancer still unheard of by many.

John continued to say: “One of the things that always strikes me about Myeloma is how few people have even heard about it and yet it is the second most common type of blood cancer, often confused by people I find with comments like skin cancer.

“My aim is to promote awareness of this cancer, as I for one am fed up of suffering in silence.”

John’s big event will take place at his Fish and Chip Restaurant on Friday September 14, taking place from 11am until 10pm.

All food and drink sold at his shop on the day will be charged at a special discounted rate to all by 50 per cent, and all takings made from the fundraiser will be in aid of Myeloma UK.

A variety of entertainment has also been organised to take place throughout the day.

The event will surely be a great trip out for everyone who visits.

John added: “I’m really excited about this forthcoming event and hope everyone comes down to help make the day a success.

“I am hopeful we will be able to raise a significant amount for Myeloma UK.”