Mablethorpe mum feared her house could have blown up

Damage was caused to the outside of Kim Crawshaw's home of seven years in Hickory Way, Mablethorpe.
Damage was caused to the outside of Kim Crawshaw's home of seven years in Hickory Way, Mablethorpe.

A Mablethorpe woman feared her house could have blown up with her and her teenage son inside after a car crashed into a wall-mounted gas supply box.

Kim Crawshaw (36) had to be evacuated from her home in Hickory Way during the early hours of Bank Holiday Monday - several hours after the crash happened.

Kim says police explained to her that a car had reversed into their house at around 3.30am on Sunday, damaging the gas supply box.

She explained that initially, she had no idea the gas supply to her house had been affected.

Kim said: “I have been suffering from a chest infection.

“My partner had gone to work and I was laid on the sofa trying to recover in the living room - which is situated at the back of the property.”

She realised her central heating boiler wasn’t working and added: “I thought I would go round the front and check the gas box as I couldn’t work out why the boiler was off.

“The gas box was all smashed up, as well as the wall.”

Kim called the emergency services for assistance, who attended the scene at around 8pm on Sunday evening.

Kim explained she and her son had to be evacuated - as did a family who live next door next door as a precaution.

She said: “They have a small child and a baby, it was raining at the time as well - I felt so guilty.”

Kim beat breast cancer two years ago and is currently on the second year of a 10-year course of medication to ensure the cancer doesn’t return.

She is classed as disabled and says the tablets cause her bones to become very weak and means she feels like she’s 60, rather than 36.

She said now she had recovered from the initial shock she realised that the house could have blown up.

Kim said: “All I keep thinking is how serious it could have been. I was smoking outside, not knowing the house could have blown up at any second.”

Kim, partner Stuart and 14-year-old son Keiran are staying nearby with relatives.

But the family is worried they will be re-homed in the ‘middle of no-where’ - until the repair work at their home is complete.

The couple cannot drive and Kim said that the only place she wants to be while she fights her illness is her home.

Police have said they are unable to confirm any further details while investigations are on-going.

1 Police are appealing for information. If you saw anything suspicious, please call 101, quoting incident number 362.