Mablethorpe Neighbourhood Management Resident Forum meeting

The next Mablethorpe Neighbourhood Management Resident Forum meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 21 at 2pm. The The meeting will take place at the Community Room, Mablethorpe CAP and Library in Stanley Avenue, Mablethorpe.

Ann Britz, Chairman of the Neighbourhood Management Board, commented: “The forums are chaired by residents and driven by residents.

“We are keen for more people to get involved and come along to our forum meetings. Based on the residents’ input at meetings and other suggestions, we are constantly identifying projects and applying for funding to make a difference in the community.

“We recognise that residents have issues that need addressing and invite representatives from the Police and the local authority to attend the meetings.

“It’s a real opportunity for all sections of the community to come together and improve the neighbourhood for all.”

For further information about the meetings please contact: Trusthorpe - John Simpson (Chair) – 07854 368046, Mablethorpe - Rachel Devereux (Chair) – 07786 597795 and Sutton on Sea - David Andrews (Chair) – 01507 441195.