Mablethorpe Primary Academy is awarded funding

Mablethorpe Primary Academy. Photo: Trevor Bradford.
Mablethorpe Primary Academy. Photo: Trevor Bradford.

Mablethorpe Primary Academy has received a ‘well deserved’ Christmas present this year of £224,446 for improvements to the buildings.

The funding will be spent on new boilers, a new heating system, new radiators and energy efficient controls.

As the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust (GDFT) is the sponsor of Mablethorpe Primary Academy, the trust was allowed to bid for capital funding for three projects.

Mablethorpe Primary Academy, which was opened under the new academy status in September this year, the school has been identified as one of the Trust’s key priorities for investment.

Catherine Teale, Principal at the Mablethorpe Primary Academy, said: “We are delighted to hear we have been allocated funding to install new efficient gas boilers plus a new heating system, radiators and energy efficient controls in the year two and reception blocks.

“These improvements will make the learning environment for the children much more comfortable to work in and help us cut down our running costs.”

Barry Day, Chief Executive of GDFT added: “I am pleased to learn that all three of our bids have been successful and we will receive over £587,708 to invest in our academies before the end of March 2013.

“The funding will enable us to ensure staff and pupils have accommodation fit for purpose, supporting teaching and learning.”