Mablethorpe resident’s anger over mobile calls

MABLETHORPE residents and workers have been left fuming after having problems getting signals on their mobile phones.

People say the problems with their network provider have been going on for several months in the town and they have now ‘just about had enough.’

Tony O’Brien said: “The problems started months ago with the network going down for a few days here and there.

“The problem began to become more and more frequent as the months passed, and now it seems like the network is down more than it is running.

“Phone calls either don’t connect, or take several attempts and an eternity when or if they eventually do. 
Text messages take anywhere between 10 minutes to 42 hours to come through and when they do, it’s usually at 6am and several come through at once.”

Now O2 say they have had problems with a mast in Mablethorpe and sent out engineers over the weekend to check it.

A company spokesman said: “We can confirm that one site in the Mablethorpe area wasn’t performing as it should be and this could have had an impact with some O2 customers making and receiving calls and texts and accessing data.

“Late on Wednesday August 29 our network team were able to make changes remotely which improved the site performance immediately and customers should be able to make/receive calls, send texts and use data as normal.

“We apologise to any customers who were affected by this.”

Residents have set up their own Facebook page with 290 members to air their views.

Comments include –

l Chad Andrew Boulala: “My wife is in hospital with our prematurely born daughter and I’m unable to keep in regular contact with her as I’m on the o2 network!”

l Chris ‘Bigc’ Tomlinson: “Mines played up for ages, gettin text 2hours later sometimes the next day its doin my head in now.”

l Stacey Carver: “Sick of topping my phone up every month to end up with no services!”

l Sharran Egan: “Mines very intermittent at moment, sometimes I have signal then look half hr later and no signal.”

l Donna Tickhill: “Well that’s my phone playing up now, ok at home but the min I get into mablethorpe I can’t phone anyone on O2 grrrrr.”

Are you having problems with mobile signals in Mablethorpe? Email your views to