Mablethorpe residents join forces to help William’s walking dream come true

�1,300 has been raised through five Mablethorpe residents undertaking a walk and two locals doing a kayak
�1,300 has been raised through five Mablethorpe residents undertaking a walk and two locals doing a kayak

A number of Mablethorpe residents have come together to raise money for a good cause through walking and kayaking events.

The group came together to help raise funds for brave William Moreland, age four, from Balby near Doncaster who has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which means he cannot walk, cannot care for himself and has to use a wheelchair.

The individuals, Maureen Bishop, Emily Thompson, Sam Ramsden, Suzanner Ingham and Andy Hell walked and Bobby Baldwin and Carl Mussan were kayaking.

All of them were sponsored to travel the 17 miles from Skegness to Mablethorpe and through the event have managed to raise over £1,300 towards William’s Wish To Walk campaign, set up by his mum Michelle Gale.

The kayaking duo completed their journey first in four hours and Maureen and Emily completed the walk in five hours, with Sam, Suzanner and Andy coming closely after in five and half hours.

They also had road support from David Thompson.

Maureen Bishop thought up the idea after seeing William’s story flag up on Facebook and can relate to William as her husband Jamie is also in a wheelchair after he suffered a stroke.

Maureen said: “After noticing William’s story via Facebook, I looked into it further and thought, right let’s see if Mablethorpe can help him, so I asked my friends to do the challenge with me and they all quickly came on board.

“It is great that people in Mablethorpe can come together to support such a worthy cause, it’s about our community coming together to help each other out.

Bobby Baldwin who decided to Kayak added: “We really wanted to help William, even if he doesn’t live locally.

“At the end of the day, people are people and we are all neighbours.

After the seven were heading to Mablethorpe, little William, his mum Michelle and his dad Finley all came over to Mablethorpe to watch them finish the challenge and William even got the chance to sit in the kayak afterwards, which he loved.