Mablethorpe sex offender fails to disclose convictions and obtains accomodation falsely


A registered sex offender who failed to tell wardens at the Salvation Army hostel at Witham Lodge in Alexandra Road about his convictions, has admitted obtaining accommodation there by a false representation.

Damian Minett, 27, of Waterloo Road, Mablethorpe, also admitted giving a false date to police when he moved to the address and also failing to notify them of the change of address to Waterloo Road within three days, when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates Court.

Prosecuting, Nick Todd said Minett had been placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely in 2005, since when there had been a number of breaches of the order.

Mr Todd said that the Salvation Army hostel housed a number of vulnerable people and had a policy of not accepting people with a history of sex offending.

He said that Minett knew this and failed to tell the wardens there of his convictions.

Mr Todd also explained that Minett had also failed to tell his offender manager of his change of address within three days, as he was required to do.

He had also told him he had moved to Witham Lodge two weeks earlier than he had.

Deputy District Judge Nall Lawrence told Minett that he had lied to the people running Witham Lodge and that the protection of the public had to come first.

“Given the number of times you have broken the order, I will send you to Lincoln Crown Court for sentence,” he said.

Minett in the meantime was granted unconditional bail.