Mablethorpe Town Council ‘wholeheartedly’ rejects cuts to Lincolnshire’s library services

Sutton on Sea Library is just one of the libraries under threat of closure if the council cuts are enforced.
Sutton on Sea Library is just one of the libraries under threat of closure if the council cuts are enforced.

Mablethorpe Town Council has ‘wholeheatedly’ rejected plans to cut Lincolnshire’s library services, including the closure of Sutton on Sea library.

Members of the town council debated the proposals, which have been put forward to consultation by Lincolnshire County Council, at their meeting on July 8.

Sutton on Sea and Alford libraries are at threat of closure unless volunteers take them on, and mobile library services along the key adjoining coastal villages will be cut altogether.

Mablethorpe Library which is classed as a tier one library is also set to lose 50 per cent of its opening hours.

The county council has announced that the changes will save £2 million in the long term, with 32 or the 47 libraries in Lincolnshire possibly closing.

Coun Steve Palmer presented an in-depth analysis on the cuts at the meeting and explained that cutting these essential services will result in ‘social deprivation isolation’ as libraries are one of the only ‘essential hubs’ left as village pubs and shops are closing all around us.

He also voiced the fact that the cross party scrutiny committee at the County Council rejected the whole proposal in a vote of 5/3. He urged the town council to completely reject the proposal.

Coun Joyce Taylor asked: “What are they trying to do to us? We live in a high deprivation area.

“This service is vital and the thought of losing it is utter madness.”

Coun Steve Pratley said he was ‘appalled by the proposal’ and said the council should ‘lobby together against it’.

Coun Tony Howard said: “The consultation document is poor and the council’s smoke and mirrors approach sticks in the back of my throat.

“We are being treated very disrespectful as citizens of Lincolnshire.”

Councillors also hit out about consultation meetings with residents are taking place in Louth and Skegness and were appalled that there will not be one in Mablethorpe.

Coun Paddy Prince added: “We should wholeheartedly reject the proposals. We need to keep our services intact.”

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