Mablethorpe town crier in bid for a ‘town crier’s corner’

How Roy might look in Town Crier's corner.
How Roy might look in Town Crier's corner.

THE district’s only town crier has appealed to be given his own plinth on which to make his proclamations to the residents and tourists of Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea.

Roy Palmer, who began the role in September, has made his case to Mablethorpe Town Council for a ‘town crier’s corner’, possibly situated outside the Original Factory Shop store in the High Street.

The council debated the idea at their community amenities meeting on Monday night and the item has been referred to other agencies across the town to hear their views.

Roy told the Leader he was hopeful the council would agree to his idea, giving him a vital ‘focal point’ for people to hear his proclamations.

“At the moment people don’t always know where I am when I’m making my announcements,” he said.

“If I had my own rock I could tell people where I’ll be so they don’t miss out.

“So far the town council have been very supportive and I’m hopeful it will come off.”

The only other town criers in the local area are believed to be in Lincoln and Sleaford but there are over 200 registered in the UK.

Roy is in for a busy summer with Jubilee and Olympic celebrations planned in the area.

The Original Factory Shop have given their support to Roy’s bid.

John McVicker-Aitken, the store’s manager, said: “We’re delighted to offer the new town crier a place to conduct his duties outside our store.

“Town criers were an important part of community life for many years, that’s something we want to emulate as a business so we felt it was quite fitting to share this space with him.”

He continued: “We feel it is important to support and celebrate community activities and do hope the people of Mablethorpe enjoy the town crier’s return.”

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