Mablethorpe welcomes charity riders

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Mablethorpe Town Council welcomed Ashfield District Council to the resort at the weekend after 19 riders finished a 100-mile bike ride.

Mablethorpe’s Town Clerk, Steve Fletcher welcomed the riders with open arms on Mablethorpe’s promenade which was the end point to their journey alongside Mayor of Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea, Joyce Taylor and town crier Roy Palmer who made two special proclamations on the day.

The riders from Ashfield District Council were raising funds to aid the recovery of a former colleague of their council, Nicola Daniels who Steve has worked with closely in the past.

Nicola suffered acute blood poisoning in 2012 and to save her life, underwent partial amputation of three limbs and the councilto show their support.

Nicola and some of her family members were in Mablethorpe to see the riders finish their 100-mile stint and everyone enjoyed a reception afterwards at the Dunes Complex which 
Ashfield District Council arranged.