Madeleine’s loss of vision inspires charity fundraiser for the blind

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An eight-year-old girl has held a successful charity fundraiser at her school for blind and visually impaired, following the serious deterioration of her own eyesight.

Madeleine Barnes-Browne, from Binbrook, has suffered a rapid loss of vision over the past year, for reasons that have yet to be formally diagnosed.

The Year Four pupil, who attends East Ravendale C of E Primary School, approached her new headmaster Mr Mottram at the beginning of January and asked if she could organise an event to raise money for charity.

Madeleine Barnes-Browne (right), with her mother Tina, sister Poppy, and brothers Rory and Joseph.

Madeleine Barnes-Browne (right), with her mother Tina, sister Poppy, and brothers Rory and Joseph.

Madeleine selected two charities that have helped her as her eyesight deteriorated.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), and the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, will both receive a share of the money raised.

The fundraising involved all children at the school making a donation to take part in a non-uniform day, which took place on Tuesday January 28.

Throughout the day various fun events and tasks took place, many of which were designed to demonstrate to pupils what it is like to suffer from a visual impairment or blindness.

Pupils took part in an obstacle course whilst wearing vision-obscuring goggles, and two guide dogs visited the school.

There was also a blindfolded ‘pin the tail on the doggy’ game, and children brought in loose change to help fill in a large picture of a guide dog.

Altogether, the school’s 90 children raised over £210.

Headmaster Mr Mottram said: “Madeleine copes really well, and she’s great.

“She really wants to raise awareness about visual impairments.”

Madeleine has recently attended Sheffield Children’s Hospital, where she hopes to receive a diagnosis in March.

Madeleine said: “The two charities have been helping me, so I decided to thank them.

“It was a fun way to raise money with everybody at school.

“Thank you so much to everyone who brought in money, I’m really pleased with the £210 we have raised.”

Madeleine was joined at school by her mother Tina and her siblings Poppy, Rory and Joseph.

Tina said: “The school have been really helpful and supportive. I can’t praise them enough.

“Their support has been second to none.”