Madge Denton-Cox

THE funeral of Madge Denton-Cox, aged 90, was held at St Peter’s Church, Trusthorpe on Tuesday, November 1.

It was given by the Rev Alan Hundleby and was a traditional service based on Order for the Burial of the Dead, from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer.

A tribute was given by family friend Colin Gregory and the organist was Mike Eyre.

The service also featured film music associated with Madge’s 30 years running the Lyric Cinema in Mablethorpe and numbers from her favourite musical, West Side Story.

Mourners included: Dallas Denton-Cox, son; Wendy and Bob Barnes, cousins; Janette Twinem; Peter Chambers; Stuart Reder; Pat and Tony Pratt; Mr and Mrs Pete Hilliard; Mike Eyre; Colin Gregory; Keith Wrighton (also rep David Barton); Audrey Lee; Grace Mumby; Ethel Steel; Sheila Gooding; Jean South; John Freeman; Gwen Banks (also rep Gordon Banks); Bunty and Alma, choir; Mr and Mrs Coates, neighbours; Keith and Jane Hewson; Nellie and Gail; Sandra and Jeanie; Wendy Barnes, niece; Robert Walley; Caroline Sharley; Barbara Slater; Philip Crossgill, friend; Joan Hewitt; Mary Armstrong; Lesley Wells; Don and Liz Harris; Sandra and Charles Hull; Pat Locke; Joan and Gerald Lee; Emma Hewitt; Dorothy Bogg; Joan Millington; Colin Mitchell; Lorraine Campbell; Jean Kinnear; Ken Towler; Carol Cartwright; Jill and David Dixon; Andrew Stones; Sheena and Andy Mayfield.