Malt Kiln display in Louth

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Latest News

Following the winter break, Louth Museum is set to reopen next Wednesday (April 1) with a three week exhibition celebrating the town’s concrete 
cathedral - The Malt Kiln.

Volunteers have spent the winter months working on forthcoming exhibitions.

The Malt Kiln building, which once dominated the town’s skyline as a major source of employment, stood empty since the 1990s and became a blot on the landscape, before its demolition earlier this year.

The new exhibition will explore the life of the building and what it has meant to the town throughout the years, and it will run from April 1 until April 25.

The award-winning museum is home to an abundance of history relating to the town and the surrounding area and includes four galleries, a library and a gift shop.

A small admission fee will be charged towards the upkeep of the museum, which is run on an entirely voluntary basis.

For more information, visit or call 01507 601211.