Man armed himself with kitchen knives after night club fracas

Court case
Court case

A man armed himself with two kitchen knives to go back to a town night club where there had been some trouble earlier but then relented and slashed the tyres on a car instead.

Richard De’Ath, 21, of Charles Street, Louth, admitted causing £43 worth of damage to the Citroen car and also to possessing the two large kitchen knives in Louth on December 29.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, told the court that De’Ath was at a night club in Louth and that at around 4am there had been some sort of fracas outside the club when his friend was set upon.

Afterwards, De’Ath went home and armed himself with two knives and was seen by police to stab the tyres of a vehicle in ‘some sort of random frustration’.

Mr Todd said De’Ath took the knives because he wanted to scare some males at the club but before he got there he decided to stab the tyres instead.

Defending, Gordon Holt said that it was De’Ath’s first appearance in court.

He said that after De’Ath had got home after the fracas outside the night club, he had received a phone call from a girl at the club to say that she was being threatened, so he took the knives to go back to the club.

However, said Mr Holt, before he got there, he decided what he was doing was foolish and in his frustration, took it out on a tyre.

The magistrates told De’Ath that these had been dangerous circumstances and they believed he should go to the Crown Court for sentence.

De’Ath was granted unconditional bail until a date to be fixed.