Man assaulted disabled wife in Holton le Clay


The 55 year old husband of a disabled woman who had brain and lung cancer has been sentenced after admitting that he had assaulted her.

Einer Eskesen, of Princes Road in Cleethorpes, admitted assaulting his wife at their home at Holton le Clay on August 21 last year, when he appeared before District Judge John Stobart sitting at Skegness Magistrates Court.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said that the couple had returned from Australia, where they had been living, but the abuse of her by him got worse until August 21, when she went downstairs he held her against a hot oven and got ‘more and more angry’ with her.

He said that she went upstairs but he followed, pushed her back on the bed and put his fingers around her throat.

After the incident he told her he was sorry but asked her not to go to the police, saying “I’ll get 10 years for this.”

Mr Clare said there were previous convictions against Eskesen for assaulting the same victim.

After hearing that Eskesen’s wife was prepared to take Eskesen back, the judge told him that he hoped he would occasionally ‘think back to this unpleasant state of events because your wife is dependent on you and trusts you’.

“You are fortunate she is prepared to try again with you,” he said, “but if you come back to court again, it is most likely the court will say enough is enough and off to prison you will go.”

Eskesen was sentenced to an 18 month community order and ordered to attend a course on building better relationships.

He was also ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £250 in costs.