Man assaults ex-wife after attending friend’s funeral in Alford


A 47-year-old man assaulted his ex wife after they had both attended the funeral of a mutual friend in Alford, a court was told on Tuesday (August 4).

Gary Burbidge, now living temporarily at an address in Chapel St Leonards, admitted assaulting Sally Burbidge in Alford when he appeared before magistrates at Skegness.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said the couple had been separated for about three years after 10 years of marriage and had not seen each other for around 18 months, when they both separately attended the funeral of a mutual friend in Alford on July 13.

He said that afterwards Mrs Burbidge had a call from her ex husband saying he was feeling depressed and wanted to talk to her, so she agreed to meet him in the Half Moon hotel in West Street.

Mr Clare said they had been talking for around two minutes when Burbidge said he could not get over their breaking up and asked if she was seeing anyone.

When she said she was, he walked out and then returned and demanded to know who it was.

Mr Clare said she refused to tell him and he spat in her face and threatened to bite ‘her face off’ and made a move towards her so that she had to put her arm up to defend herself.

He also punched her and her head hit a wall, said Mr Clare.

He said that a barman called the police but Burbidge left in his car before they arrived.

Mitigating, Dave Clapham said reports were clearly needed in this case and the magistrates adjourned for sentence on September 15 and called for a report from the probation service.

A second allegation of driving with excess alcohol was also adjourned to September 15 but no plea was taken and Burbidge was given conditional bail.