Man causes damage with bat

A man who took a rounders’ bat to a friend he believed had ‘tried it on’ with his girlfriend, has been conditionally discharged by magistrates at Skegness.

Andrew John Still, 22, of Chestnut Terrace, Sutton Bridge, admitted using threatening behaviour and causing damage at the Steakhouse Bar and Grill, Mablethorpe on July 26.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said Still went to the restaurant at 9.30pm and asked for Scott Nundy, who was a friend of his and was a chef at the establishment.

He said cctv footage showed Mr Nundy going outside to see Still and then running back in with Still behind him wielding a rounders’ bat in an aggressive manner.

Still pushed away a waitress who tried to stop him, before hitting a bar stool with the bat. The waitress then pushed him outside where he smashed an advertising A frame belonging to the restaurant.

After police arrived, he told them that Mr Nundy had ‘tried it on’ with his girlfriend and he was angry.

In defence, it was said Still was furious and was having a bad day anyway, but he now realised he should not have reacted in the way he did.

The magistrates imposed a two year conditional discharge and ordered he pay £50 compensation for the damage to the A frame and £85 in court costs.