Man discovers 600-year-old dress fitting on mum’s farm in Mablethorpe area

The gold and silver Tudor dress fitting was found in the Mablethorpe area.
The gold and silver Tudor dress fitting was found in the Mablethorpe area.

A gold and silver dress fitting - believed to be around 600 years old - has been discovered by a man while metal detecting at his mother’s farm near Mablethorpe.

Ian Guest, (37), lives in Warwickshire, but travels to the Lincolnshire coast on a regular basis to visit his mother.

'Treasure' finder Ian Guest.

'Treasure' finder Ian Guest.

He admitted when he discovered the item, he didn’t think it was very interesting.

However, when Mr Guest had the item checked by experts he was told it was classed as ‘treasure’ and had to be sent to the county coroner in line with legal requirements.

He told the Leader: “I have been metal detecting for the last four years and I was over the moon when I found the item and saw it was silver and gold.

“It’s definitely the best thing I have found to date.”

Mr Guest contacted Adam Daubney, Lincolnshire’s Finds Liaison Officer.

The pair believe the item is a dress fitting that formed part of an outfit from the Tudor period - meaning it dates back to the late 14th century.

Mr Daubney revealed Mr Guest’s find is a fragment of a silver gilt object and was probably once part of a pin or a dress hook.

He explained the piece is decorated with a ‘filigree swirl’ on the top and confirmed this style of dress fittings was widely used in Tudor England.

Mr Guest said: “I do a lot of metal detecting on my mum’s farm and have previously found a few medieval hammered coins, keys and locks, but this is my first treasure find.

“The fitting was in a really good condition as silver and gold don’t tend to discolour as much.”

Mr Guest admitted he is now excited to see what other items he might discover.

Mr Guest is now waiting for a response from the coroner’s court.

Until that happens, he does not know the value of the item - or whether he will even be able to keep it.

He revealed several museums had shown in interest in the find.