Man faces court over abusive text messages

Court case
Court case

A man admitted sending abusive text messages to his former partner when he appeared before magistrates at Skegness.

Jesse Owen Coulson, 25, of Fulmar Drive, Louth, was said to have been in a relationship with Katie Smith and to have two young children together until they split up about 12 months previously.

The court was told that Coulson was given a police warning after Ms Smith complained about him being abusive to her in the street.

However, on October 4, she received six abusive text messages from him and he later admitted to police that he had sent them.

He said that he shouldn’t have done so and regretted it.

In defence, Dave Clapham said that in fact the relationship was ongoing until only three weeks ago but that things had come to a head when she allegedly failed to attend a meeting with Social Services about Coulson’s contact with his children.

Mr Clapham said the texts had started merely with him querying why she had not been at the meeting.

“There have been no threats of violence and all the texts were sent on a single day,” he told the magistrates.

The magistrates adjourned the case for sentence on November 13 and ordered a report from the Probation Service.