Man smashed glass in Job Centre door

Court case
Court case

A 21-year-old Louth man, frustrated at being unable to sort out his Job Seeker’s Allowance, broke the window in the door of the Job Centre, a court has heard.

Richard David Ranyard of no fixed address admitted criminal damage when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates Court in custody after failing to appear in court in June.

The court heard that at 2.40pm on April 2, Ranyard went to the Job Centre in Louth to sign on but when he was speaking to another member of staff through an internal phone about his benefits, he became aggressive and the call was terminated.

He slammed the phone down and went out, punching the glass in the door as he went and smashing it.

Defending, Dave Clapham said Ranyard had become more and more frustrated and had punched the door as he went out.

He said Ranyard was still not getting any benefits, was banned from the Job Centre and living with hand-outs from the local authority.

Ranyard was sentenced to a day’s detention which meant he would be released immediately.