Man threatened to ‘cut’ girls and ‘lock them up’

A MAN who threatened to ‘cut’ girls and ‘lock them in a shed and rape’ them, has appeared before magistrates at Skegness.

Keith Elvis Marshall of Kings Court, Mablethorpe, admitted making a grossly offensive telephone call to members of the mental health crisis team in Louth on February 16.

The court was told that Marshall, who was living in Louth at the time, made a number of telephone calls to the crisis team, in one of which he made a number of inappropriate and worrying remarks.

He was arrested after his voice was recognised and admitted making the calls, but said he didn’t mean them and didn’t mean to cause offence.

The magistrates were told he had previously been cautioned for making obscene telephone calls.

In defence, Andrea Wilkes said Marshall was a ‘very complex young man’ who was ‘like a boy in a man’s body’ and, like a young child, expected to be the centre of attention.

She said he had been living in supported housing in Louth after coming out of care and had 
mental health issues and was using the crisis team as a support team.

She said he had been served with an eviction notice and contacted the crisis team expecting them to concentrate just on him.

She said everything came to a head on February 16 and he rang them several times.

On the third occasion he used those words to grab their attention.

“They came out of his mouth and it got a reaction - the wrong reaction,” she said.

She said he had now been given more suitable accomodation and a support worker but had no social life.

She said he was very stressed and thought people misunderstand him and thought he was a threat but ‘he’d never go through with this and regrets saying what he did’, she added.

The magistrates imposed a 12 month community order with a requirement to attend victim and reparation activities sessions.