Man warns of pothole danger on road

Wednesday 12.30pm - A SUTTON on Sea man is warning others about the dangers of crossing a cracked, pot-hole ridden road after tripping and injuring himself.

The area of road is situated on Broadway in front of the library and opposite a popular shortcut into the town centre.

Dave Seddon from the nearby Marisco Court said: "I was crossing that road on my way into town last Saturday and my foot went down into this big hole and I fell and hit my head on the road. I banged my chin and broke my glasses, with the frame snapping and digging into my eyebrow."

Luckily, members of the public saw Dave lying in the road and came to help, calling an ambulance which arrived and treated him on scene. He also suffered deep grazes to his hands and knees.

"I've had to wear my reading glasses since the fall, but I can't see people clearly until they get up close, so at the moment it feels like I'm walking around like a blind man," said Dave.

Another resident of Marisco Court, who asked not to be named, said: "I was pushing my wife in her wheelchair over there and the wheel went down the hole and fell off. My dog, who suffers with arthritis, has also tripped four times going over that bit of road, it's in a right state."

The man said he has an elderly neighbour who was nearly tipped out of her mobility scooter crossing that patch of road, adding: "Most of the road is in a bad way, but they resurfaced part of it down Furlongs Road end, I just can't understand why they didn't do this part."

Dave added: "There are mostly elderly people that live in this area of the town and my concern is if one of them took a tumble they may come off a lot worse than me."

He added: "I want to say thanks to the couple and young lady who came to help me when it happened."

We contacted Lincolnshire County Council about the residents' concerns. Dean Myhill, Area Highways Manager, said: "We are sorry to hear a member of the public received injuries whilst walking along Broadway.

"This section of the network is regularly patrolled and we had not been made aware of any specific problems along Broadway recently. Our Area Highways Officer visited the site on Wednesday to investigate but did not find any potholes of sufficient size to merit emergency treatment."

Mr Myhill said potholes are dealt with on a priority basis, depending on size, location and 'potential safety risk':

"We comply with the Department for Transport's national code of practice which states that the criteria for urgently reacting to a pothole is if it measures at least 40mm in depth and 500mm across. When we become aware of such potholes, we will strive to respond and deal with it within our emergency 24-hour pledge."

He added: "We are aware parts of Broadway are showing signs of deterioration and a section of the carriageway has already been reconstructed. Another section adjacent to the doctor's surgery has been identified and will be programmed for works in the next financial year."

* To report a pothole call 01522 782070 visit

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