MANSLAUGHTER CASE LATEST: Harry Scott was “screaming and crying” on the night victim died, jury told

Harry Scott'Lincoln Crown Court EMN-150115-171736001
Harry Scott'Lincoln Crown Court EMN-150115-171736001

The man accused of unlawfully killing Richard Woods was in a distraught state when he sought help, a jury was told today (Thursday January 16).

Harry Scott was described as screaming and crying when he knocked on the door of his friend Adam Wells in the early hours of the morning.

Mr Wells told the jury at Lincoln Crown Court he left his front door open expecting Scott to turn up looking for a bed for the night after Scott had earlier visited him.

He said “I went back to sleep. The next thing I heard was Harry back in the house.

“Harry was saying Richard had killed himself.

“He was crying. He was screaming. He was laid on the floor behind the sofa. He had his head in his hands.

“I didn’t really believe him. I guess that was because he was drunk and I had just woken up.”

Mr Wells told the jury he went with Scott to Richard Woods’ house in Spring Terrace, Louth. Scott used Mr Wells’ mobile phone to call the emergency services but took the phone from him and spoke to the operator himself.

“When the paramedics arrived Harry was crying and swearing at them telling them to hurry up. The paramedics went in the house. About ten minutes later they came out. They explained that there was nothing that could be done.”

Harry Scott, 23, of Ramsgate, Louth, denies a charge of manslaughter as a result of an incident on 12 January last year.

Scott is alleged to have trapped Richard Woods in the loft of his home in Spring Terrace, Louth. Richard tried to climb out but became wedged between two steps of the loft ladder and was asphyxiated. Scott is alleged to have repeatedly struck him with a length of wood while he was trapped rather than making any effort to help him.

The prosecution say that Scott bullied Richard Woods who has been described as a shy and vulnerable man.

The trial continues.