MANSLAUGHTER CASE LATEST: Victim had previously complained about his alleged killer, jury hears


A shy and quiet Louth man who died in an incident at his home had previously complained about his alleged killer, a jury at Lincoln Crown Court was told today (Monday January 12).

Richard Woods, 32, accused Harry Scott of trying to kick down his door, the jury heard.

Witness Craig Pocklington, who worked with Mr Woods at Fenland Laundry in Louth, told the jury that the deceased had expressed his concerns in a series of conversations.

Mr Pocklington said “He spoke to me about the concerns he had. Those concerns were about Harry Scott.

“Richard told me about what happened . It would be a weekly thing.

“He complained about Harry going around to his house banging on his door and trying to kick down his door.”

Mr Pocklington said that Richard, described by the prosecution as vulnerable, also told him about another incident involving Scott and a second man.

“It happened when Harry came round with another guy. They forced their way into the house and forced Richard to the cash point to get some money out.

“Richard couldn’t leave his home unattended for the whole weekend as Harry Scott would come round.

“Sometimes Richard would let him in and sometimes he wouldn’t.

“I think Richard rang the police on a few occasions. The neighbours, because of the noise, would ring the police as well.”

The prosecution allege that Richard Woods was bullied by Scott, culminating in the incident that Mr Woods lost his life.

The jury has heard that Richard Woods spent most of that evening before his death with Harry Scott visiting pubs and bars in Louth town centre.

Richard Woods then returned to his home alone but Scott arrived later, and is alleged to have trapped Richard in his loft after drawing up the step ladder. Richard tried to escape by climbing between the steps of the ladder but became wedged and died as a result of asphyxiation.

Scott, 23, of Ramsgate, Louth, denies a charge of manslaughter as a result of the incident on 12 January last year.

The trial continues.