MANSLAUGHTER CASE LATEST: Victim was “frightened to death” of man who visited at night


A Louth man, who was allegedly unlawfully killed in his home, was “frightened to death” of a man who visited him late at night, a jury was told today (Tuesday).

Michael Ellis, a neighbour, told the jury at Lincoln Crown Court of a number of incidents outside Richard Woods’ home in Spring Terrace, Louth.

Mr Ellis said “I always found Richard very polite but there had been quite a lot of problems at his home.

“The problems were caused by someone who went to the address and was very abusive and swearing.

“I thought it possibly happened on 30 to 40 occasions. It was probably a little less.

“Because of the number of occasions, I came to recognise the man’s voice.

“Richard had previously told me he didn’t answer the door because he was frightened to death.

“Richard had told me he was schizophrenic and if he’s in a dark place he just goes with these people.”

Harry Scott, 23, of Ramsgate, Louth, denies a charge of manslaughter as a result of an incident on 12 January last year.

The prosecution say that Scott bullied Richard Woods who has been described as a shy and vulnerable man.

Scott is alleged to have trapped Richard Woods in his loft. Richard tried to climb out but became wedged between two steps of the loft ladder and was asphyxiated.

Scott is alleged to have repeatedly struck him with a length of wood while he was stuck instead of making any effort to help him.

The trial continues.