Marathon man endures ‘Hell on the Humber’

Runner Keith feeling the strain during the Hell on the Humber endurance challenge.
Runner Keith feeling the strain during the Hell on the Humber endurance challenge.

MABLETHORPE runner Keith Lamb earned a fine 23rd place in the Hell on the Humber 12-hour endurance event.

As reported by the Leader two weeks ago, Keith was taking part in the event in memory of his mother and father, and hoped to raise £150 for the British Heart Foundation.

And after covering a whopping 52 miles over 11 hours, equal to back-to-back marathons, Keith successfully raised £200 for his cause.

Keith was only 26 miles off the leader at the finish, despite carrying a niggling achilles injury that had plagued his summer training schedule.

Over 100 competitors took part in the race which loops around the Humber Bridge in four mile circuits and included walkers, novices and experienced marathon runners.

Reflecting on the race afterwards, Keith said: “I set off faster than I wanted to and paid the price later on. There really were some sorry sights crossing the bridge in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“Even though, the camaraderie between competitors was fantastic and this got many runners through the hard times, especially the heavy rain we had to endure at 3am.”

Keith added: “I felt that my body, from waist down was shattered and broken. The lack of training through injury over the last three to four months took its toll over the last few hours of the race.

“Mileage completed, I sat down in my tent and was promptly stung by a wasp which meant I had to spend a while in the back of an ambulance as the concern was that I had been stung on the neck!”

Runner Keith is keen to carry on his fundraising, and has already pre-registered for next year’s Hell on the Humber which could be transformed into a 24 hour race by then.

“A huge thank-you to my wife, Lynne for all her support and to all the kind words and encouragement from friends,” Keith said. “Many thanks to all who sponsored me.”