Margaret Hardy

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THE funeral of Margaret Hardy was held recently at Louth Methodist Church, conducted by the Rev David Newlove.

Mourners: Mr and Mrs Neil Freeland, niece and husband; Mr and Mrs Philip Grantham, nephew and wife; Mr and Mrs Dennis Skelton, niece and husband; Mr and Mrs Cameron Freeland, great-nephew and wife; Mr and Mrs Bruce Freeland, great-nephew and wife; Mr Alan Grantham and Mrs Janet Grantham, great-nephew and his mother; Robert Grantham, nephew, was unable to be present due to illness; Mrs Brenda Vickers (also representing Mrs Julie Jackson); Kathleen and Alan Reavette; Peter Maddison (organist); Mrs Amelia Kelly; Janet Bett (also representing the Thursday afternoon sugarcraft course); Clive and Diane Jones (also representing Mr and Mrs Doug McLellan); Russell, Lucy and Laurant; Hilda Dring; Gwen Harness; Trish Taylor, head of clinical services at Louth County Hospital; Mildred Brothwell; Barbara Boobyer (representing the League of Friends and Jean Reeks); Margaret Dale (also representing Mr John Dale); Dawn Dale, on maternity leave from Stewton House Nursing Home; Dianne Wilson; Ann Clark; Peter Oatway; Ken Drinkell; Jill Makinson-Sanders (also representing Mrs Joan Cash); Joan Hewson; Charles Hubbard; Elaine Worrell; Mrs John Addison; Sarah Dunham (also representing Bridget Dunham); Archan Singh Roy (also representing Johanna); Manuela Beaumont; Coun Mrs Margaret Ottaway; Ena Wilson; Helen Finnie and Sue Mills (representing Carlton Ward at Louth County Hospital); Barbara Vickers, Louth League of Friends; Ann Forbes; Jenny Noyelle; Paul Taylor (also representing Mrs Taylor); Mrs Ruth Blanchard; Mrs Joyce Utley; Mrs Liz Hardy; Mrs Caroline Wright; Mrs Sheila Collins (also representing Mrs Margaret Needham); Miss Freda Thompson; Mrs Shirley Stickland; Mrs Stephanie Teanby; Mr Teanby; Mrs A M and B Papworth; Mrs Wendy Berry; Mrs Joyce Johnson; Mrs Tracey Johnson (also representing Andew Johnson); Mrs Sybil Church; Mr Sam and Mrs Janet Ranshaw; Mrs Margaret Ellis; Mr Basil Dixon; Mrs Christine Hagan; Mrs Mandy Mountain; Mr John Walker (also representing Mrs S Walker); Mr Harry and Mrs Betty Middleton (also representing Jean Daubney); Mrs Vere Cullingford; Mrs Lorna Laughton; Miss Christine Ruffell-Ward.