Marie Curie Cancer Care Great Daffodil Appeal

SUPPORT the Great Daffodil Appeal for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Wear your daffodil this month and help the charity to continue caring for people with terminal cancer and other illnesses

Each March, the Great Daffodil Appeal aims to get everyone to wear a daffodil in support of the Marie Curie Nurses and to raise money to help provide more free care to people.

For those who have been touched by the work of Marie Curie, wearing the daffodil has a special and personal meaning.

Actress Alison Steadman, Marie Curie Cancer Care supporter, said: “I’m wearing a daffodil for my mum. I know from my own experience what a difference Marie Curie Nurses can make, not just to the patient but to their families.

“It is so important to know your loved one is receiving the best possible care in their last days.”

Give an hour or two of your time and volunteer at a local Great Daffodil Appeal collection.

They need thousands of people across the UK to volunteer for collections so that they can raise money.

To register call 0845 6013107.

Organise a sponsored Daffodil Dance event with your friends or dance club.

Using the steps designed by some of the UK’s top choreographers, you can learn and perform a dance routine to raise money for the Great Daffodil Appeal.

Register at .

Last year more than four million people across the UK wore a daffodil and raised in excess of £5.7 million.

We want the Great Daffodil Appeal to raise even more money in 2012.