Marshchapel man’s book on centenary of First World War

New book
New book

A Marshchapel man has written an account of the Great War, in time for the centenary of the first shot being fired in 1914.

Frank White’s book 100 Years On...The British in the First World War is on sale at Wrights and MSR in Louth.

Frank says every British family was affected in one way or another by the trauma of this war.

As the centenary focuses minds, this book sets out to offer, an easily read, non technical work, which gives the modern British reader a moving insight into the ‘involvement of his forebears in those terrible four years’.

Frank was born in 1927 in Manchester. He says he spent his early years surrounded by its ‘lingering effects - physical, social and emotional.’

Frank has done research on the war for the BBC and Granada Television and was responsible for the BBC documentary Very Exceptional Soldiers, for which he escorted several members of the original British Expeditionary Force on a tour of their battlefields.

He opens the book with a description of the first British action and the first British bullet fired, on a bright morning on August 22, 1914.

He writes: “Today, at the side of the road, close to where it all happened, there stand two memorial markers. One marks the spot where Corporal Thomas’ first shot was fired.

“The other, only a matter of yards away, marks the place where, after four and a quarter years of slaughter and heart-break, the last British shot of the war was fired.

“If there was ever such a thing as a vicious circle, surely that was it.”

Frank’’s book 100 Years On...The British in the First World War is published by Micawber, priced at £6.99.