Martin Vickers helps landlords

AN MP has promised to help the area’s landlords improve their relationships with North East Lincolnshire Council.

Martin Vickers was invited to a meeting of the Humber Landlords’ Association South Bank (HLA) where he addressed several issues of concern and took questions from the Association’s members, some of whom live in the Louth area and own several properties around the county.

The discussions covered subjects as diverse as the regulation of private landlords to local government boundary changes.

Private landlords, many of them with only a handful of properties each, provide around 50 per cent of social housing in the area, with the other 50 per cent being managed by Shoreline, which took over homes which were formerly run by North East Lincolnshire Council.

At the meeting, the HLA’s chairman, Tony Williamson, said he believed the vast majority of landlords in our area are responsible landlords, particularly those who are members of the Humber Landlords Association, and that they all aim to provide good quality accommodation for their tenants.

Mr Williamson told Mr Vickers that the Association wants to work with the local authority, but the HLA feels that at times, it is being ignored.

Mr Vickers said he believed it was vitally important for the local authority to have a good relationship with the private landlords, as public social housing will never meet the needs and demands of the local community.

Mr Vickers said he would be happy to try and help the Humber Landlords Association improve its relationship and lines of communication with the council. He said that he has a general meeting with council leaders and the chief executive every six to eight weeks, and promised to raise the HLA’s concerns at the next meeting and try to improve the channels of communication and open up a dialogue at a senior level.

The Association’s chairman, Mr Williamson, thanked Mr Vickers for coming to the meeting and said he hoped his intervention would help to substantially improve relations between the HLA and the council.

For more information on the HLA, visit or email the secretary,