Martin Walmsley

MARTIN Walmsley of Louth died peacefully after a short illness, aged 46, at Castle Hill Hospital, Hull.

He leaves Steve his civil partner and two daughters, Elysia and Amelia, father Alan, wee sister Sarah and brother Paul, granddaughter Keira, nieces and nephew Reece, Lily, Mirren and Finty. Siblings family Paula and Jason respective.

The funeral was held on January 24 at Louth Methodist Church and was conducted by The Rev David Newlove, followed by committal at Alford Crematorium.

Donations to Cancer Research UK or send to Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services, Queen Street Place, Louth LN11 9BD.

Martin will be sadly missed.

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (incorporating V. Walker, Louth).

Family mourners: Steve Wainwright (civil partner), Alan Walmsley (father), Toni Wainwright (Steve’s mother), Anthony Wainwright (Steve’s brother), Sarah MacDonald (Martin’s sister), Jason MacDonald (Martin’s brother-in-law), Barbara Lescure (Martin’s aunt), Elysia Walmsley (Martin’s daughter), Amelia Walmsley (Martin’s daughter), Paul Walmsley (Martin’s brother), Paula Walmsley (Martin’s sister-in-law), Reece Walmsley (Martin’s nephew), Lorna Robson (Martin’s half-cousin), Alison White (Martin’s half-cousin), Mrs Nancy Allenson (cousin), Mrs Angeline Perry (half-cousin), Miss Lisa Wainwright, Mr Michael Allan, Miss Claire Farrant, Mr and Mrs Brin and Elizabeth Rawlings.

Other mourners: Mrs Christine Holman, Mrs Carrie Crown, Miss Gay Beaumont (rep the Louth physio team) and James Jessop, Mrs Linda Warren, Mrs Maggie Allison, Mr Stephen Warren, Ms Maggie Owen, Miss Caroline Jackson, Mrs Hazel Fisher, Mr and Mrs Geoff and Marilyn Lunn, Mrs Ann Strachan, Mr Paul Strachan, Mr Louis Stephenson, Mr Gareth Spooner, Mr David Clark, Miss Charlotte Swift, Miss Kara Elliott, Mr Mark Belton, Mrs Brenda Walsh, Miss Keely Smith, Mrs Lindsay Vaus, Mrs Margaret Taylor, Mrs Lucy Hawley, Mr Scott Hawley, Mr Vincent Bonnett, Mrs Judy Benson (also rep Tim Benson), Mr Robin Tointon (also rep Vanessa), David and Katie, Mrs Tracey Brown (also rep Trina Wright), Miss Samantha Millson, Mrs Angela Hill, Mrs Amanda Ladlow, Mr Ross Cameron, Mr Chris Hancock, Mr Neil McCarrall, Mr Dean Clarke, Mr Chris Mellon, Mr Philip Day (also rep Mr Andrew Wareing), Miss Lorrie Stock (East Lindsey District Council, ELDC), Mrs Clare Freeman (ELDC), Miss Bernice Wilson (ELDC), Mrs Samantha Neal (ELDC), Mrs Diane Porter, Mrs Julie Smith, Mrs Nicola Malone, Mrs Karen Kerman (rep Louth Hospital), Mrs Betty Archer, Mrs June Foxon (rep Manby Ward), Mr Neil Ringrose (ELDC), Ms Hilary Perkins, Miss Ann Rostrun, Mrs Elizabeth Woolford, Mrs Liz Crowe, Mr Paul Staines, Mr and Mrs Ray and Cathy Thompson, Mrs Fiona Handley (also rep UNISON ELDC), Mr Ian Dickinson (First College), Mrs Anne Nicholson (ELDC), Mr Mike Harrison (ELDC), Mrs Katie Dixon, Mr Karl Holmes, Mrs Holly Hamilton, Mr Matthew Archer, Mr James Turner, Mr Ben Stevens, Mrs Sarah Johnson (ELDC), Mr and Mrs John and Carol Speakman, Mr Michael Beaumont, Mr Matt Makenzie, Dr Balaban, Ms Lynne Gorbutt, Ms Denise Dickinson, Miss Vicky Bennett, Mrs Alison Southwood, Miss Meghann Whattam, Mr and Mrs Ian and Pat Major (also rep. Margaret Scothern), Mrs Janice Reap, Miss Melissa Campling, Mrs Belinda Campling, Ms Tina Lound, Mrs Pamela Radwell, Julie Middleton, Jude Ingram, Shirley Cutforth, Jo Chaplin, Julie Freer and Ms Middleton, Mr John Hollings, Mrs Jenny Wingfield, also rep Mr Paul Wingfield, Mrs Lisa Cumberworth, Mrs Karen Horton, Mr Darren Bonnett, Mr Tony Bonnett (senior), Mrs Gillian Bonnett, Mr and Mrs Paul and Sally Gower, Mr and Mrs D. Smith, Miss Katie-Louise Holden, Miss Alex Dale, Miss Emma Hamilton, Miss Lindsay Burton, Mrs Gemma Levi, Mr David Willoughby, Miss Tracey Richardson, Miss Anna Cook, Mr Mark Conway, Mr Philip Bangham, Mr James Brindle, Mrs Kathleen Sutherland, Mr Paul Wiles, Mrs Laura Wilson, Mrs Debbie Prince, Mrs Heather Sullivan, Mrs Janvier Hyde, Mr and Mrs John and Val Carter, Mr Stuart Davy, Miss Emma Credland, Miss Hannah Wood, Mrs Paula Landshoft, Mrs Julie Burton, Ms Julie Gracie, Mrs Clare Wakeman, Mr and Mrs David and Ruth Elkington, Mr Alex Woollen, Mr Gwyn Williams, Mr David Webb, Mr and Mrs Trevor and Christine Raithby.