Mass walk out over Mablethorpe swimming pool cash

A public meeting to discuss Mablethorpe’s Swimming Pool Fund descended into chaos and included a mass walk out from residents.

The meeting at Mablethorpe Library on Friday, July 5, was organised by Mablethorpe Town Councillor Terry Brown and Lincolnshire County Councillor Anne Reynolds.

The meeting aimed to draw a line under the anguish talks of a swimming pool in Mablethorpe have caused and find a way forward, but no such move was made thanks to constant bickering and blaming.

Coun Reynolds was questioned for putting the meeting together quickly, in the daytime, and for a lack of publicity which apparently left many unable to go to have their say. She said it was the only time she could organise the meeting.

Coun Paddy Prince said it was ‘the most problematic issue for this town’.

Coun Reynolds said she ‘was not accusing those involved in the swimming pool fund committee of any misdemeanours’, but claimed there has been ‘no transparency’ within the pool fund accounts.

The committee treasurer had told the Leader before the meeting the funds were safe.

A proposal followed to appoint three new committee members to be in charge of the £27,000 funds and place it in a new ringfenced account within the County Council.

That led to a mass walk out from residents who claimed Coun Reynolds had no right to put forward such a proposal.

A number of committee members attended and recalled they had halted further deliberations because the district council said a swimming pool would not be cost effective.

But they insisted the swimming pool funds should be used as such or for something related to swimming instead of it being spent elsewhere.

Coun Reynolds was criticised for ‘alienating’ members of the public who wished to speak but she felt that some of the residents were at times ‘aggressive and intimidating’.

But the meeting closed leaving the underlying issues unresolved. Coun Reynolds informed the Charity Commission the current swimming pool fund committee could be in breach of its own constitution and is awaiting a verdict.