Maureen’s Romania trip for the ROAD gifts appeal

Caring Maureen Wykes of Authorpe has thanked everyone who donated to this year’s ROAD (Romanian Aid Distribution) appeal.

Local people gave shoe boxes full of gifts that are sent to the elderly, vulnerable and needy people of Romania. Maureen recently visited Romania to help deliver the gifts.

She said: “Our first day was spent at a children’s home in Tinca where we spent time playing with the children.

“We spent every morning taking shoe boxes to the schools. One school we went to called Stirciu we were made most welcome, the school had a fire five days earlier, it started in the roof and there was a lot of damage.

“What amazed us was that the children were still at school, in England the school would have been closed.

“It was so good to go to that school and bring a bit of joy after what they had been through.

“One of our visits was to an old people’s home called Crasna where they sang for us, we took them fruit and chocolate which was soon eaten.

“Most afternoons we went out to the poorest of families taking parcels of food and clothes.

“It was a very busy week but a lot of joy and happiness was spread around.

“But we couldn’t do it without the help of everyone sending in their shoe boxes and clothes, so I would like to say a big thank you to all your readers.”