Mayor ‘fed up’ at claims Louth’s Town Councillors are in it for the money

Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders.
Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders.

The mayor of Louth has hit out at claims that councillors are in it for the money, urging people in the town to ‘get that into their heads’.

Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders, speaking at the annual Louth Town Meeting on Tuesday night, May 14, said she was ‘fed up’ of reading that town councillors are scooping vast allowances for their work.

“I’m fed up of reading that we get huge allowances,” she told the packed chamber at the Sessions House.

“Every one of the councillors do this for nothing. Nobody receives any allowances.

“I’d really like people in Louth to get that into their heads. To read that people are getting huge allowances makes me very angry.”

Coun Makinson-Sanders is due to hand over the mayorship to Coun David Wing at the town council on Friday night, May 17.

The outgoing mayor also reported that members of Louth Town Council have attended 84 per cent of meetings in the past 12 months, six per cent down on the previous year.

Within the year, only three councillors had managed 100 per cent attendance: Roger Featherstone, David Hall and Sue Locking.

One councillor, who was not named, recorded just 39 per cent attendance whilst long-serving councillor Margaret Ottaway scored 96.9 per cent.

It was revealed that the council has cost the taxpayer £177,716 (net expenditure) in the past financial year.

Large outputs included £30,000 to the Hubbard’s Hills Trust, £34,537 to run the town’s cemetery and £20,513 for their annual payment for rent of the Sessions House.

The precept for the next year is £212,304, or just over £40 for a Band D property, a rise of six per cent.