Mayor of Mablethorpe doesn’t see advantages of proposed free school

Mablethorpe site of the Springwell Learning Community.
Mablethorpe site of the Springwell Learning Community.

The Mayor of Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea has expressed his concerns over the proposed free school for challenged youngsters -saying it’s not beneficial for the area.

Wellspring Academy Trust are looking to develop an alternative free school for challenging and vulnerable youngsters, both at primary and secondary school level - housed under the same roof.

The proposals which include a site in Mablethorpe are also planning for free schools to be cited in Lincoln, Grantham and Spalding - with the public consultation considering all four sites.

Mayor of the resort, Councillor Tony Mee is against the free school plans. He said: “I believe that the proposals for this free school are not beneficial for Mablethorpe.

“Residents have a lot of questions to ask, but as it stands it brings no benefits to the area.”

A number of residents have contacted the Leader expressing their concerns over there being no consultation meeting in Mablethorpe and instead one being held 45-miles away in Sleaford.

However, the Wellspring Academy Trust has confirmed that a consultation meeting will now be taking place in Mablethorpe and is expected to take place in November.

More information about the consultation meeting in Mablethorpe will be released in the coming days.

David Whitaker, the executive principal at Wellspring Academy Trust said: “Please be reassured that we will do our very best to work with the local community during the consultation phase.”

The reaction to the free school so far is mixed.

One resident said that housing a free school in the area would show Mablethorpe in a good light.

However, another said that it would have been nice to see the place back to the way it was previously.