Merger of Louth and Mablethorpe schools ‘excites’ head

Tennyson High School in Seaholme Road, Mablethorpe
Tennyson High School in Seaholme Road, Mablethorpe

MERGING Tennyson High School with Monks’ Dyke in Louth would bring vital ‘stability’ to exam results in Mablethorpe, according to the head of the two schools’ learning federation.

The proposal could fuse the two schools together as the Monks’ Dyke and Tennyson College across the two sites. Tennyson would close on August 31 and re-open on September 1.

The two have worked as a partnership since February 2010 as the Monks’ Dyke and Tennyson Learning Federation, led by head Chris Rolph.

Dr Rolph said: “The major benefit is the greater stability that the larger school brings.

“Instead of two smaller schools with fluctuating numbers we will have a consistent overall roll of about 1,000 students.”

He said exam results would be stabilised in Mablethorpe, where results can fluctuate due to low numbers.

He also emphasised the extra GCSE and 6th form opportunities that would be available to Mablethorpe students for the first time.

Dr Rolph said any travel between sites would only be at the beginning or end of the day, with Lincolnshire County Council covering the cost.

Admissions would be made to the single school authority, with governors allocating pupils ‘predominantly’ to the nearest site.

Founder of action group Save Our Schools for Louth and Mablethorpe, Sarah Dodds, said: “To give the schools credit, they have kept us informed during the consultation.

“We’re happy to know the new school would stay under the local authority.”

“In all it’s a very exciting development,” added Dr Rolph.

“It’s great to be involved in developing something entirely new, that will benefit so many students.”

Lincolnshire County Council held consultations last year and now the process is in the representation stage.

The final decision will be made by the council’s executive board in June.

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