Message in a bottle floats 190 miles to Theddlethorpe

Peter Wood pictured with the bottle and the message he found on the beach in Theddlethorpe.
Peter Wood pictured with the bottle and the message he found on the beach in Theddlethorpe.

A message in a bottle has been discovered on the beach in Theddlethorpe after it floated ashore 190 miles from its start point in the Netherlands.

Resident Peter Wood was walking his dog along the beach with his family when he made the remarkable discovery.

He explained: “As I was walking along the beach with my dog and family as we normally do, I happen to notice a bottle that was sticking out from amongst the dunes.

“I jokingly said, I bet there’s a message in that bottle.

“So I went over and gave the bottle a little tap with my walking stick.

“When I could finally see the bottle clearer, I noticed that there was in actual fact a message inside of the bottle.”

Not believing his luck,

Peter carefully removed the wrapped paper from inside of the bottle and revealed that in fact the bottle had travelled further than anyone could have expected.

The letter was marked as being from Hollum, in the Netherlands and was dropped into the water on February 21 this year. After his rare find, Peter started to do a little research and mapped out that the bottle had floated around 190 miles from where the bottle was found.

Peter also investigated the coast where the bottle originated from and was amazed to see that in some ways, the coast of Hollum was very similar to the coast in Theddlethorpe.

Now he had researched the area in which the bottle came from, Peter now had the challenge of finding out what the message said as it was written in Dutch.

After a few weeks searching for a translator to transcribe the note into English, Peter was finally able to read the message he found.

It reads: ‘Today I threw this bottle into the sea at Hollum, Ameland,

‘I have been to these islands 30 times on holiday.

‘Every island is as beautiful and charming and leaves sweet memories,

‘Where you can leave all the hectic lifestyle behind you.’

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