Michael Anthony Basil de Berry

THE funeral service for Michael Anthony Basil de Berry, aged 65, was held on Monday August 15 at Alford Crematorium.

Mr de Berry was an antiques dealer from Mablethorpe, who died at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital on August 1.

The service was conducted by Libby Martin.

Arrangements were by Kettle Ltd, Louth

Family mourners: Hilary de Berry, wife; Alex de Berry, son; Stephen and Vicky Hodgeson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; John de Berry, brother; Steven and Mandy Jubb; Marjorie Hodgetts, aunt; Robert and Rita Cooper, uncle and aunt; Tom Hanson, cousin; Caroline de Berry, niece; Savannah de Berry, great-niece; Lana Arden; Mark de Berry, nephew; Naomi de Berry, niece; Joanne de Berry, niece.

Other mourners: Margaret Gale; Chris Rowan; Sarah Whittaker; Doug Lewis; Keith Wrighton; Malcolm and Sarah Johnson; Pat Murrey; Judith Halliwell; Betty Milward; Ryan Saywell; Bobbi Ketney; Lucy Young; Rebecca Melbourne; Allen Pearson from Maltings; June and Ken Khene; Carl and Jackie Guest; Glyn Jones; Trevor and Penny Bradford; Eric Arden; Tony Jubb; Alan and June Theobald; Cathy and Neil Bodle;

James Grey; Paul Elliott; Dave Marper; Peter Evans; Lesley Millward; Sue McGrath; Peggy Anderson; Matthew Sear; James Denton; Jamie Wheat; Garry Webster; Donna Martin; Gemma Parker; Shawn Bosworth; June Stevens; Mark Stevens; Carol Frisby; Andrew Staley; Alan Webster; Rob and Laura Follett; Tillie Follett; Sol Follett; Jason and Carol Garside; Cathy and Neil Gadd.