Monks’ Dyke college sponors Dolphins board at Meridian Leisure Centre

Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College recognises the heath/social and sporting benefits Louth Dolphins Competitive Swimming Club brings to the community by sponsoring a new innovative notice board.

The board designed to accommodate all information about the club is prominently displayed in the foyer of their ‘home’ The Meridian Leisure Centre.

Head of Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College Louth Campus Mike Eyre is pictured congratulating Club Chairman Bob Wells for The Club’s Community Contribution and personally acknowledged that everyone within the club was a volunteer and the school was proud to be associated with its continuing success and the many benefits it brings to the members ‘overall’ education.

Also pictured are Zach Heywood, Jay Clarke, Amber Nutman, Emma Harrop, Ely Miller, Lily Miller, Jodi Challis and Mollymae Crashley.