More day therapy at St Barnabas Hospice


St Barnabas Hospice has announced it will be increasing its Day Therapy services at the Louth Hospice from January. Currently the service is only available on Tuesdays, but from January 9 it will also open on Thursdays.

The service moved to the new building in August, and since then there has been a significant rise in the number of people receiving support and advice.

Mark Mumby, St Barnabas Team Leader for the Day Therapy service, said “Referrals to the service have gone up 200% in 3 months. We have been working with local doctors and specialist nurses about how we can support their patients, as well as organisations such as the local Parkinson’s group.

“A number of people have also referred themselves to the service by dropping in to talk to us first about how we can help. We start by finding out how their condition affects their life, both physically and emotionally, and we can then understand what help to offer.”

The service provides support, advice and information to people who have potentially life limiting conditions, and to their families, to help them manage their condition and remain as independent as possible, as well as supporting them to make informed decisions about their care.

Mark said: “We operate very much an “open door” policy, and it’s great that we are being able to help more people, but we know there are a lot more people out there that we could be helping. We will increase the service at Louth as we need. If we continue to expand services further we will need more volunteers as well, as they are such an important part of the team.”

To access the service or to volunteer, drop into the centre on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or call 01522 518219.