More parking tickets likley to be issued in Louth and Lincolnshire

LINCOLNSHIRE County Council is preparing to take on Civil Parking Enforcement powers in the autumn.

Around 20 Civil Enforcement Officers will work across the county taking a ‘sensible approach’ to help tackle local problems caused by motorists parking where they shouldn’t.

They will enforce existing ‘on street’ traffic restrictions including double and single yellow lines, yellow kerb markings, and limited waiting times in parking bays.

Executive Member for Highways and Transportation, Coun William Webb, said: “Motorists who stick to the signs and lines on the roads have absolutely nothing to worry about.

“We want to do all we can to keep traffic moving safely around the county, helping to reduce congestion and supporting local shops that have restricted parking bays outside.

“Once approval has been received from the DfT, we will take over responsibility for on-street parking enforcement from the police, in line with government guidance. The hope is for the scheme to be self-funding, it’s not about making money. Indeed it will most certainly not be a profit-making venture.

“People need to be aware that the rules will be more regularly enforced now, and that they need to take care when looking for somewhere to park. Although we don’t want to issue any tickets at all, we expect the number to increase at first as people get used to this change.”