Motor vehicle students at Louth Wolds College get national recognition

INTERACTIVE models made by students at Wolds College have made such an impact a national motor industry magazine has produced an article on their work.

The motor vehicle students have been busy working in groups of two to design and make working interactive motor models as part of their engineering module.

College manager Simon Holmes is delighted with the efforts of the students. He said: “I’m very proud of the students and the high standards of work they have achieved on these pristine interactive models.

“It’s an achievement we wanted to celebrate.”

The models are unique for the area, as other schools and colleges do not normally perform the model task to such an in-depth level.

Students had the task of going out to scrap yards in order to drum up the materials and other parts were donated to the college by local businesses.

With such a high standard of work, some of the students have gifted their models to the college to enable the teachers to use them in the classroom so future students can gain the benefits from them.