Motorists using Watts Lane as through road ‘could face fines’

County Councillor John Hough (centre) with Watts Lane residents. EMN-150411-152618001
County Councillor John Hough (centre) with Watts Lane residents. EMN-150411-152618001

Frustrated residents in Watts Lane have been supported by Lincolnshire County Council in their bid to stop drivers using the lane as a through road.

Now, the Highways Department has installed a sign warning motorists not to use the private road as a cutting between Mount Pleasant and Newmarket - and there is even the possibility that persistent offending could lead to police issuing tickets to motorists in future.

County Councillor John Hough met with residents who had been concerned for many years about the damage caused to the road by 
non-resident vehicles.

Coun Hough said: “Many people who drive here have just been doing it for years, and weren’t aware that it 
was a private road.”

He added: “There have been a number of construction projects and builders haven’t restored the road, and the residents feel that they can’t afford to do it if it’s going to be used by all and sundry.”

Dean Myhill, area highways manager, said: “Highways has been working with the residents of Watts Lane and Coun Hough over a considerable period of time, to try and resolve issues concerning the road.

“It is legally only accessible to residents who live 
on the lane, but it has become used increasingly as a cut through by other drivers.

“To prevent this happening and in conjunction with the local police we have put up no through road signs, and following a publicity campaign, police may start prosecuting drivers who are using the lane as a 
cut through.”

Mr Myhill added that Highways are not obliged to maintain the road at public expense, but have helped plan repairs as a gesture of goodwill to avoid Watts Lane residents having to bear the cost.