Move Louth Forward organise first public meeting


Move Louth Forward, a group of local residents who believe that increased supermarket provision in required in Louth, have called their first public meeting .

The meeting will take place at 7pm on Tuesday April 1, at The Dance Garage in Tattershall Way (behind Halfords) to discuss the future of the Cattle Market and to debate future supermarket provision.

The group, which was established just three weeks ago, has already gathered over 1,200 members on their Facebook site.

Members of the public will be able to ask questions to co-founder Alan Grantham and Rick Aron from the Move Louth Forward group.

There will also be representatives from County, District, and Town Councils, and Keep Louth Special. The exact make up of the panel is yet to be confirmed.

Residents are invited to come and listen to the different sides of the debate and ask questions to the various panel members.

Lesley Harrison Wiseman of Move Louth Forward said: “We are really looking forward to the meeting.

“It will be the first of many that we hold on this and other issues. We hope get a good turnout from members of the public as well as local councillors.

“Now is the chance for you to have your say - if you don’t take part in the debate, your opinion cannot be heard.”

The Cattle Market, currently based in Newmarket, is under consultation to be sold.

If such a sale were to go ahead, it could see the Cattle Market relocated onto the Fairfield Industrial estate.

Richard Aron, speaking on behalf of Move Louth Forward, said: “We will predominantly be discussing the Cattle Market, and other local issues that interrelate with it.

“The purpose of the meeting is all about dialogue between councils and interest groups in the town.

“We don’t have a single voice, which is one of the nice things about it really.

“It will be an interesting experiment in democracy.