Move Louth Forward urge Cattle Market sale


Pressure group Move Louth Forward is requesting the Executive Board of East Lindsey District Council to move ahead with a recommendation to sell the Cattle Market site when they meet on Tuesday morning (June 3).

Move Louth Forward was formed to counteract the arguments against additional supermarket provision in Louth. They have over 1600 members of their Facebook Page, have conducted a survey into the wishes of Louth residents, and are determined to press forward with this change for the town which they think will add prosperity to the town, rather than threaten it.

The group say that their survey, which they have shared with ELDC, indicate strong support for the sale of the Cattle Market for a supermarket. Not only did it show 85% of people shopping out of Louth, it also indicated that 82% of people would be more likely to use the town centre shops if a supermarket was located near the town centre. The survey was completed by over 230 Louth residents.

The group is also highly concerned about the potential for a supermarket located on an out-of-town site if the development on the Cattle Market is not permitted.

Lesley Harrison-Wiseman, a Move Louth Forward co-founder, Louth mum and resident, said: “We are worried that if a new supermarket does not go on the Cattle Market, we will find ourselves with one on the outskirts of town. This then stops people from linking their supermarket shopping with linked trips onto town.

“We believe the best way to protect trade in the town is to allow for this development on the Cattle Market.”

Jason Garrett, a Move Louth Forward activist and Louth dad said: “You simply cannot get what you want and need to cater for the average household while shopping in Louth. For too long, real residents in Louth have not been listened to and it is time that changed. We totally support ELDC in any decision they may make to sell the Cattle Market”.

Louth residents who are interested in the group’s campaign can join the ‘Move Louth Forward’ Facebook page, where they can sign a petition calling for better retail provision within the town. Members of the group will also be out getting signatures for the petition on Wednesday June 4 and Saturday June 7.