MP’s ‘shock and disgust’ at drug company price hikes

Victoria Atkins MP.
Victoria Atkins MP.

Louth and Horncastle MP, Victoria Atkins, has expressed her shock and disgust at the behaviour of some drug companies in inflating prices by enormous amounts.

Speaking in a Commons debate on breast cancer drugs, Ms Atkins said: “This has to stop.”

“I welcome the Government’s action in seeking to close this loophole by way of the Health Services Medical Supply Bill, presently going through the House of Lords.”

Ms Atkins continued: “Breast Cancer Care highlighted to me the key point that unless our hospital trusts collect specific data on how many people have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, they cannot accurately plan services for those patients.

“I was shocked to learn that two thirds of hospital trusts in this country do not collect those data.

“Sadly, my hospital trust - the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust - is one of those trusts. I urge my hospital trust and others across the country to start to collect those data, so that the services provided to women with secondary breast cancer can be planned properly and effectively.”